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    The Brand

    Bohairmia is a dynamic and innovative haircare brand, dedicated to providing exceptional products for luxurious hair transformations. With a commitment to sustainability and natural ingredients, Bohairmia offers a wide range of premium haircare solutions that cater to various needs and styles. From nourishing shampoos and conditioners to styling and treatment products, their carefully curated collection embodies quality, effectiveness, and eco-consciousness.

    The Challenge

    Bohairmia, wanted to enhance customer loyalty and maximize lifetime value, embarked on an email marketing journey. Their objective for us was to build stronger connections with existing customers and increase repeat purchases. By improving their existing email channel, migrating activity to Klaviyo and implementing strategic improvements, we delivered personalised and engaging campaigns that resonated with their audience. Through these efforts, we cultivated lasting relationships, fostered brand loyalty, and elevated the overall customer experience.

    Our Strategy

    To optimise customer engagement and drive conversions, we implemented a comprehensive strategy. By building after-purchase flows, capturing leads, and incorporating conversion-driven workflows, we ensured timely targeting of users when their product lifecycle was nearing its end. This strategic approach aimed to encourage customers to choose Bohairmia for their next purchase instead of being swayed by competitors. The goal was to enhance customer retention, increase brand loyalty, and create a seamless customer journey that culminates in repeat purchases with Bohairmia, all the while encouraging new sign-ups and repeatedly engaging with the database each week.

    The Results

    By implementing a robust campaign strategy and executing the aforementioned tactics, we witnessed remarkable results in our email marketing efforts. The revenue generated through the channel experienced a staggering surge of 222.20%. The average open rate saw a significant boost of 64.42%, indicating heightened user engagement. Furthermore, the unsubscribe rate decreased by 55.52%, demonstrating improved audience retention. Additionally, the average placed order rate rose by 44.33%, indicating increased conversions and customer loyalty. These impressive statistics showcase the effectiveness of the implemented strategies in driving revenue growth and fostering customer engagement for Bohairmia.


    Increase in Email Revenue


    Increase in Average Open Rate


    Decrease in Unsubscribe Rate


    Increase in Average Placed Order Rate

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