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    Carbon Cotton

    Online fashion house Carbon Cotton is where sustainability meets comfort. Discover how Climb Online’s strategy helped Carbon Cotton drive the performance of their paid social advertising to increase website traffic and sales.

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    Carbon Cotton Case Study

    The Brand

    Carbon Cotton is a sustainable fashion eCommerce store focusing on sustainable wardrobe essentials that will last season after season.

    The Challenge

    With the fashion industry being an intensely competitive sector, Carbon Cotton faced some stiff competition from well-established fashion brands with both larger marketing budgets and a more significant social media presence.

    They came to Climb Online for assistance in increasing revenue on social platforms, after constantly evolving algorithms on social media platforms had made it challenging for them to maintain consistent reach and engagement with their target audience.

    Our Strategy

    We began by conducting an in-depth analysis of all Carbon Cotton’s paid social campaigns to identify prospective ways to improve and increase efficiency. We quickly found that Carbon Cotton were missing key growth opportunities on social media due to overstuffing campaigns.

    From here, we were able to create a strategy that focused on streamlining their advertising account, using our Dashboard to assist with closely tracking key performance metrics across core channels.

    Our goals for this campaign were to increase overall revenue, ROAS, AOV and Add to Carts through driving effective consideration and engagement across paid social channels.

    Our Approach

    Using the information gathered during the initial analysis, our first approach was to condense the number of live campaigns. We built two campaigns, each with a clear focus, namely, prospecting and retargeting. The prospecting campaign was designed to specifically target users with interest in women’s clothing, fitness, wellbeing and similar brands to Carbon Cotton.

    With this strategy, we were able to expose Carbon Cotton to new users, growing the presence and consideration of the brand while also optimising the campaign to those who would most be interested in purchasing.

    The retargeting campaign was focused on targeting users who were social engagers and website visitors, with the aim to convert their interest into purchases.

    By condensing the campaigns and giving each a clear focus, we were able to dramatically improve performance of live campaigns for Carbon Cotton, with ROAS increasing 106% period on period.

    We were able to drive increased online sales and optimisation with the introduction of Meta’s Advantage Plus Shopping Campaigns [ASC] in Q4 2022. This new type of campaign utilised a new algorithm to drive the most efficient performance for advertisers. Switching to ASC enabled us to reach users with higher intent in our targeting strategy, and resulted in a higher percentage of targeted users converting. Since the switch to ACS, we saw an immediate increase in revenue, and a stronger ROAS overall.

    The Results

    Using data from the Climb Online Dashboard, our results compare the performance of paid social advertising for Carbon Cotton over the first eight months working with Climb Online, against the previous eight months:

    Increased Add to Carts

    Carbon Cotton’s Add to Carts achieved an incredible overall increase of 225.51% – indicating the effectiveness of our paid social advertising strategy in driving customer engagement and interest in sustainable fashion products.



    Increased AOV

    In the previous eight months, Carbon Cotton struggled with an Average Order Value of just £19.85 – by the end of our first eight months working together, the AOV had jumped to £43.96 – an increase of 121.5% due to the focus of our paid social advertising on driving customers to purchase more products per order.



    Increased Revenue

    Revenue displayed a significant increase of 240% in the eight months working with Climb Online compared to the previous eight months. Our commercial-first approach saw the company’s paid social advertising successfully generating sales and revenue for the business.



    Increased ROAS

    When implementing the campaign, we wanted to ensure that Carbon Cotton’s paid social advertising efforts were effectively generating a significant return on investment. We achieved this with an increase of 130% for Return on Ad Spend.




    add-to-cart convertion rate


    website purchases


    cost per purchase


    conversion rate


    Despite intense competition and shifting algorithms, our paid social team were able to achieve fantastic results for the brand, achieving significant increases across all key metrics, and ensuring a high return on investment. Climb Online’s paid social campaign showed significant increases to performance, developing targeted and effective social media campaigns that were effective in engaging the target audience, driving sales and generating revenue for Carbon Cotton.

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