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    Clear Channel

    Breaking from brand.

    How Climb Online brought

    advertising Out of Home.

    Clear Channel UK is a leading ‘Out of Home’ media company. Climb Online developed a strategy that involved migrating Clear Channel’s two websites into one, creating an omnichannel paid strategy to increase generated leads’ volume, quality, relevance and reduce Clear Channel’s reliance on branded terms for search conversions.

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    The Brand

    Clear Channel UK is an Out of Home media and infrastructure company, operating over 33,000 advertising sites nationwide. These sites include:

    1. The UK’s most extensive digital Out of Home network, Adshel Live
    2. The biggest digital shopping centre advertising network, Malls Live
    3. The largest digital network in pubs and bars, Socialite, among other advertising formats.  

    The Clear Channel Direct team specifically focuses on SME’s and local advertisers, while the national sales team partners with brands, agencies and Out of Home Specialists.

    The Challenge

    Clear Channel came to Climb Online seeking a marketing strategy that would enable them to grow the value of inbound leads while maximising the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts. 

    Clear Channel Direct had two websites with two distinct audiences. The direct website was designed and managed in-house, and used to generate leads for the direct sales team. They also utilised a second website, which was used as a shop window for the national side of the business. 

    Clear Channel Direct historically utilised PPC to drive their sales leads, focusing on branded terms.

    Given the two distinct audiences, Climb Online identified two overarching objectives. Firstly, they needed to ensure both brands appeared in the SERPs for relevant search terms. Secondly, they needed to create a paid strategy that did not confuse the two divergent user personas.


    After an in-depth analysis of both websites’ performance, respective share of traffic and exhaustive market and competitors research, we discovered although both sites had distinct audiences, there was significant keyword overlap, with the brand name ‘Clear Channel’ being the biggest traffic driver for both sites.  

    Armed with this information, Climb Online developed an approach that would resolve the issue of the two websites, while reaching two overarching objectives: 

    1. Ensure both brands appeared in the SERPs for relevant search terms
    2. Create a paid strategy that did not confuse the two divergent user personas and would allow deeper insights and optimisations to maximise Clear Channel’s marketing growth.

    Migration: SEO and CRO

    Given the greater brand recognition of the direct site, Climb Oline’s solution was to migrate the two sites onto one domain, strengthening the position of both in the SERPs. 

    The Climb Online SEO team and Clear Channel’s Marketing team carefully planned a new sitemap, plotting how to best integrate the Direct content into the national site.  Our collaborative approach resulted in a smooth migration, leaving the site in a much better technical position when compared with pre-migration. 

    The Climb Online CRO team conducted an in-depth user behaviour analysis and a UX audit of the website features on the old site. It delivered an optimisation recommendation report including mock-ups and designs of new features to improve the functionality and conversions rate of the new site. 

    Paid Social

    Based on the clients’ objectives, the audience analysis and the overarching omnichannel journey, Climb Online formulated a paid social strategy focused on driving awareness and consideration for Clear Channel products, targeting the direct customer base. 

    Clear Channel direct’s first-party data revealed that the audience could be segmented into broad categories. 

    Clear Channel’s awareness and consideration campaign was designed as a full-funnel strategy to be used across LinkedIn and Facebook to gain the benefit of detailed audience segmentation on LinkedIn, combined with the cost-efficiency on Facebook, resulting in an increased reach of the most relevant audience at each touchpoint. 

    Based on the customer base analysis, Climb Online created audience segments of the three main categories (SMEs, Education and FMCG) that were then targeted with bespoke creative strategies using tailored videos and statics relevant to their category and conversion path stage. Facebook was used as the main re-targeting platform within the omnichannel conversion strategy to engage users before conversion.


    Having identified a reliance on branded terms for search conversions, the aim was to transform this reliance by introducing generic terms and increasing non-branded traffic. 

    The goal was twofold:

    1. To capture the portion of the market owned by Clear Channel’s competitors
    2. Given the ongoing site migration, to use PPC as a mining tool for SEO keywords for use in Clear Channel’s blog and on-page content. 

    The brand campaign was shifted to pure brand awareness, focusing on significantly increasing impression share while reducing cost-per-click, improving visibility and efficiency, while continuing to grow retention leads. The account was then restructured to focus on non-branded keywords and gradually move to a cost per acquisition bidding strategy. 

    As well as increasing the volume of enquiries through non-branded traffic, Climb Online wanted to improve the quality and relevance of generated leads. This was achieved through the creation of local breakaway campaigns, audience targeting, wasted spend optimisation and strong keyword exclusion.


    Having migrated both sites into one, Climb Online sought to increase the visibility of the Clear Channel direct pages on the national website. These were new pages with limited authority and generated no traffic, therefore required a strategy that would ensure increased traction for the URLs through outreach and link building, whilst increasing on-page optimisation and authority through new content creation. 

    Climb Online focused on blogs for the new content creation strategy, ensuring they responded to the needs of the new audience, whilst supporting the new pages dedicated to locations, and utilised keyword targeting pulled from conversion and search data taken from the PPC campaign.


    Following the successful and seamless migration of the website Climb Oline’s campaigns across PPC, Social and SEO achieved a sustained increase in relevant traffic and quality leads for both relevant audiences. This led to revenue growth of 126% in 2021 compared to 2019 (pre-covid) and an increase in the average value per contract of 149% from 2019 to 2021. 

    Organically, Clear Channel increased its organic visibility for non-branded keywords from 60% in February 2021 to 80% in December 2021. This increase has led to a growth in user acquisition with the number of users and sessions increasing by 41% and 29% respectively since February 2021.

    The PPC strategy generated an increase of 87% in the volume of enquiries, and a 21% increase in conversion rate compared to the previous period. It also led to improved cost efficiency and sustained new customer acquisition through non-branded keywords which reached 60% of the overall conversions breaking away from the pure brand focus which Clear Channel used before starting to work with Climb Online.  A decrease in CPC by 10% and an improvement in search page position resulted in a traffic increase by 158%

    In general, the paid social campaign managed to achieve a high level of engagement and traffic, driving awareness and consideration.



    Increase in sessions


    Increase in users


    Increase in new users


    Increase in impressions


    Increase in clicks



    PPC Increase


    conversion from non-branded conversions



    increase in 2021 compared to 2019 (pre-covid)


    Average Value per contract 2021 v 2019

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