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    The Brand

    Electric Ride-On Cars is a leading provider of premium electric vehicles for children in the UK. With a diverse range of ride-on cars, bikes, and scooters, they offer a thrilling and safe outdoor experience for young adventurers. Their products combine innovative design, quality construction, and advanced safety features, ensuring hours of fun and excitement. Electric Ride-On Cars is trusted by parents nationwide for delivering exceptional quality and memorable playtime experiences for children.

    The Challenge

    Initially skeptical about the potential of email marketing to drive repeat purchases and foster customer loyalty, this client had yet to fully tap into the power of this channel. Recognising the untapped opportunities, they turned to us for guidance and expertise. With a strategic approach and tailored campaigns, we aimed to revolutionize their perception of email marketing, unlocking its potential to cultivate customer loyalty, drive repeat purchases, and maximize their business growth.

    Our Strategy

    We have created an extensive array of customized flows for this client’s email marketing campaign, ensuring seamless integration with their Facebook Ads strategy. From tailored upsell and cross-sell flows to a delightful birthday flow, our focus has been on driving engagement and conversions. By synchronising these flows with a meticulously planned and playfully executed content calendar, we have maximized the impact of their email campaigns, delivering compelling and timely messages to their audience.

    The Results

    Our holistic approach to email marketing has yielded exceptional results for this business. With a remarkable 269% increase in email marketing revenue, we have unlocked substantial growth opportunities. The number of transactions saw an impressive rise of 173.91%, while the conversion rate experienced a significant boost of 115.02%. Additionally, the average click rate saw a notable increase of 41.28%, indicating improved engagement and customer interactions. These statistics underscore the effectiveness of our strategies in driving revenue, conversions, and overall campaign performance.


    Increase in email marketing revenue


    Increase in transactions


    Increase in conversion rate


    Increase in average click rate

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