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Luxurious Look

Holistic Digital Strategy

Luxurious Look has become one of the fastest-growing retailers within the haircare market, focused on sourcing luxury and sustainable products. Discover how Climb Online has delivered the strategical direction and ongoing management to succeed in such a competitive market.

Climb Online have been an exceptional partner to us in becoming a key retailer within a fiercely competitive market.

Mark Readman – Director of Luxurious Look

The Brand

Luxurious Look is an eCommerce platform specialising in salon-quality haircare, stocking a curated selection of professional haircare brands with an eye for innovation and sustainability.

The Challenge

Initially, a B2B eCommerce website, Luxurious Look wanted to enter the B2C space and become the go-to destination for shopping salon-quality haircare online. Climb Online was briefed to create a digital marketing strategy to raise their online profile with this new target audience while improving customer retention and overall lifetime value and reaching top page results for some key products in the brand portfolio.

Our Strategy

After conducting extensive market research into the established players in the online beauty retailer space, Climb Online developed a bespoke omnichannel strategy based on Luxurious Look marketing and business objectives aiming to establish a presence online for the brand at very at every stage of the online conversion path, with the goal of increasing market share and reaching a new audience, which was key to identify trends.

Additionally, we created a robust backlink strategy to drive increased organic traffic to the website. The cross-channel strategy included the use of seasonal and promotional campaigns, reactive campaigns, paid media opportunities and SEO content and tech optimisation, along with an extensive email marketing campaign to engage and capture core segments of Luxurious Look’s target audience driving retention and lifetime value growth.

Our Approach

Email Marketing

Working closely with Luxurious Look, we designed and implemented multiple automated workflows tailored to the buyer experience and consumer behaviour, emphasising personalisation to engage users at the right time.

Within just 30 days of implementation, our bespoke eCommerce funnels generated 9% of total revenue from email, up from less than 1%. Additionally, sign-up campaigns increased new users by 130%, with a 73% increase in transactions.

A year on, email marketing is one of the driving forces behind retention efforts, while steadily improving lifetime value and growing a database of loyal and engaged consumers.

LTV has increased by 30% YoY while driving an increase in transactions by 81% and in revenues by 94%.


LTV increase


Revenue Increase

Using our in-depth research into competitors and audiences in the online beauty space, we translated Luxurious Look’s business and marketing goals into paid media objectives.

Utilising PPC on both Google and Bing, we were able to drive awareness, consideration and conversion rates using an expert mix of key branded terms, shopping and dynamic search ads. PPC is now the primary acquisition channel for Luxurious Look, resulting in a 43% increase in new users, a YoY rise in transactions by 54%, and a YoY increase in revenues by 63%.

We achieved remarkable results for both PPC and organic results on Google against some of Luxurious Look’s biggest competitors, with a 146% product revenue increase for the 5 best performing products of the Davines brands.


Transaction Increase


New users Increase


Revenue Increase

Our SEO strategy focused on improving overall site health and increasing our average position and the organic contribution to revenues.

Since the beginning of the campaign, Luxurious Look’s average position has increased by 53 positions YoY, estimated traffic went from 1.22% to 13.64% YoY and the share of Voice within the skincare/shampoo space which was just 0.21%, has now reached 2.48%.

Several Luxurious Look organic product term results have now reached the top of the page generating an increase in organic revenue by 41% YoY.


Organic revenue Increase

The Results

Our bespoke approach and omnichannel marketing strategy have seen Luxurious Look enjoy an overall 63% increase in revenues YoY, a 52% increase in transactions YoY, and a substantial 41% YoY increase in new users.

The first page and top of the page results for several brands generated a substantial increase in sales for those product lines, establishing a dominant position for Luxurious Look against competitors.

Climb Online also achieved fantastic results in terms of customer retention, seeing a YoY increase of 55% in returning users, a 7% increase in average order value and a 12% increase in generated revenue per user.


Increase in revenues


Increase in transactions


Increase in conversation rate


Increase in new users


Increase in returning users

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