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    Richoux Piccadilly

    A Social Proof

    is in the Pudding.

    How Climb Online Served Richoux Piccadilly (a restaurant whose roots go back over a century) to a hungry online audience of more than 22K.

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    Richoux Piccadilly

    Climb Online’s Organic Social campaign has delivered outstanding results, where we’ve seen a significant increase in our organic engagement & followers. This continues to positively impact our restaurant popularity.

    Climb Online have been at the forefront of our digital success by delivering exceptional campaigns, resulting in Richoux becoming a must-visit for those in & around London.

    Richoux Piccadilly Reel Mockup


    As a tea house and a bakery, Richoux has a storied history across London and the world spanning over a century. But, consumer appetites changed, and the once-famous cultural hotspot lost its way and closed its doors.

    Despite the closure, Richoux was still a name with gravitas. So, in 2022, with renewed focus, a vibrant new location, fresh investment and two young and hungry chefs, Richoux came back swinging. 

    Not as a bakery but as a holistic dining experience, bringing French cuisine, delicate pastries, and an elegant, fully stocked bar to a new 21st-century audience. 


    Richoux initially hired an agency to manage their social platforms alongside the chefs. But the reality of starting a restaurant meant little time, and communication between the agency and the chefs broke down. This led to a stale Instagram page with no personality, stagnating growth, and no clear style.

    Knowing to make an omelette, you need to break a few eggs, Richoux decided to reach out to Climb Online and tasked us with taking their social media page to the next level while driving bookings and bringing the restaurant’s soul to an untapped audience. 

    With less than 5k followers at the time of taking over, Climb Online saw this as a challenge with the right ingredients but not the right recipe.


    Althoughthiswas an organic social ask, Climb knew to take the page to the next level; it would take a mixture of tactics, all of which serve the end goal of increasing their Instagram followers and driving bookings. 

    For Climb Online, all organic social partnerships start with an ask, “what does success look like”?

    This top-down approach allowed the Climb Online team to design an organic methodology with a goal. 

    Success for Richoux was broken into four key points.

    • Giving the page more personality
    • Increasing the number of followers
    • Increasing online bookings
    • Appeal to a younger audience

    Initially, the team researched and analysed some of London’s top-performing restaurants and bars pages. This analysis found a mixture of; 

    • Lifestyle content
    • User engagement posts
    • Staff posts
    • Engaging post copy 
    • Varied creative formats
    • Specific hashtags


    To fulfil the brief, we would approach each goal in isolation and then bring it all together, 

    • Giving the page more personality

    The page only used static images, which were all taken when the restaurant was closed, giving a sterile feel to the page. So, Climb Online brought in a photographer and videographer to collect a bank of assets – both video and statics. Our aim here was to showcase the experience of Richoux, so we decided to have three shoots across a typical day. During the opening, the lunch and evening service – taking shots of the food, atmosphere and Piccadilly as a whole.

    While statics gave colour to the food and the staff, the video content gave life to the whole Richoux experience.

    • Increasing the number of followers
    • Appeal to a younger audience

    We knew our page would capture more attention by utilising hashtags with engaging assets, but organic social, like SEO, can be a slow process. So, we introduced influencer marketing to boost our coverage across Instagram. Our influencer strategy used a mixture of nano and micro-influencers with a following of 100K or less, primarily with an audience within London. 

    As a restaurant, we could offer the influencers a beautiful place to dine in exchange for a post. The effect was instant, with huge follower spikes after each influencer post; alongside these spikes, we would time our organic posting schedule with captivating video content and engaging statics. 

    Keeping a consistent daily posting routine with a mix of formats, including static, videos and reels. This scientific posting schedule both increased followers and post interactions.

    • Increasing online bookings

    The cherry on top of our holistic strategy was paid social, and we used this in two ways. 

    The first was to boost our organic posts to capture a wider audience and keep our page visibility high throughout the week, and the second was to use social ads with a book now CTA for both prospecting and retargeting.

    We used Paid social as our following grew rather than at the start of the partnership. At that point, we better understood what resonated with our audience from an asset perspective and had a better idea of how to segment our targeting.


    When Climb Online took over the Richoux page it had less than 5k followers. Today the account has over 22k followers. Overall Follower increase of +340% since the partnership with Climb Online. Today, since the partnership with Richoux, we’ve reached 1,456,708 accounts. 24-hour response times to inbox direct messages.

    Infeed community management, responding to all comments and questions and creating conversation help with organic discovery and incentivise them to engage with the content.

    Monthly hashtag research to ensure hashtags encompass current trends, are relevant to the month with key dates and applicable to each post within the strategy.


    overall reach increase


    overall Follower increase


    reached accounts

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