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Zadina Abayas

London modest fashion label, Zadina Abayas came to Climb Online when their previous paid social ads failed to perform. Discover below how we created a video ad that improved revenue and engagement with the paid social campaign, and helped reach and engage the brand’s audience.

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Zadina Abayas

The Brand

Launched in 2014, Zadina Abayas was born with a clear mission to showcase the very best of luxury, modest fashion for the modern woman. Known for its glamorous and contemporary style appealing to women of all ages, the brand is built upon many years of research, along with being one of the first labels to enable a fusion of high-end fashion and affordable style, aimed at Muslim women in the UK.

The Challenge

Zadina Abayas came to Climb Online when its current ads were not performing to the level needed to achieve its growth objectives. We analysed the ads that the brand were currently using, which were static carousel ads and dynamic ads, and came to the conclusion that mixing static and video assets was the key to creating a campaign that would resonate with the target audience in multiple ways.

With the core objectives of driving increased customer engagement and interest in the brand’s products, Climb Online were enlisted to create an effective brand awareness campaign that would engage the customer and build a long-term relationship with the brand.

Our Strategy

The modest fashion industry is a highly competitive space, putting Zadina on the backfoot amongst other well-established brands with higher budgets, larger social presences, and large varieties of regularly refreshed creatives. One of the big challenges we faced was creative fatigue and a lack of creative assets from Zadina, meaning we were unable to optimise results and sales, which was their main KPI.

We conducted an analysis of the previous results from the brand’s past ads, finding that results decreased as the same ads were live for several months. To combat this, we created a snappy, engaging video with clear messaging and inspirational footage of the new 2023 Ramadan collection.
As it was important to us that we properly respected the community around the brand, we selected trending Arabic music which was appropriate for Ramadan to accompany the video.

The Results

Since the addition of the creative retainer, the brand’s paid social campaign has seen a vast improvement in revenue and engagement in the last 2 months that Climb Online have worked with Zadina, compared to the previous 2 months. The new creatives have effectively helped to reach and engage with the target audience, seeing improvement across most of the key metrics as follows:

  • Paid social advertising for the brand has shown substantial growth in Add to Carts, improving by 225.51%, clearly driving more customer engagement and interest.
  • There has been an increase of 158% in revenue, indicative of how important new and exciting creatives are to the paid social campaign, and its success in driving purchases.
  • Our paid social campaign and creative retainer saw an increase of 116% in ROAS, indicating an effective return on investment.
  • During our paid social campaigns, we recorded an improvement of 67% to the number of link clicks. This indicates that our new creatives are successfully engaging the target audience and encouraging more link clicks on the paid social campaign.

Increased Add to Carts


Increased Revenue


Increased ROAS


Increased Link Clicks

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