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    Sendlane Email Marketing

    Welcome to where innovation

    meets seasoned expertise!

    As a premier Sendlane Email Marketing Agency, we’re at the intersection of Sendlane’s cutting-edge capabilities and our 8 solid years of e-commerce email marketing prowess. While Sendlane might be the new kid on the block, we ensure that its novelty is complemented by our tried-and-true strategies, guaranteeing you quick wins and rapid results.

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    Why is Email Marketing Non-Negotiable for E-commerce?

    Unrivalled ROI

    For every precious pound invested in email marketing, a jaw-dropping £42 makes its way back into your coffers. The numbers speak for themselves!


    The Ultimate Customer Lure

    In the competitive e-commerce arena, email marketing remains the undisputed front-runner, seamlessly attracting and cementing customer relationships.

    Sky-high Engagement

    Banish the bland. With tailored emails, you’re looking at a whopping 29% surge in open rates and an impressive 41% uptick in click-throughs. Tailor-made messaging is the name of the game.


    Spotlight on Sendlane

    Sendlane isn’t just another platform; it’s a paradigm shift. Designed for the discerning e-commerce enterprise, Sendlane fuses AI-driven automation, insightful data analytics, and behaviour-centric personalisation. This isn’t about campaigns; it’s about curated customer journeys.

    And here’s our ace: while Sendlane brings the innovation, our 8-year track record packs the punch. We don’t just dip our toes into Sendlane’s waters; we dive deep, mining its full potential. This union ensures that even if you’re new to Sendlane, our veteran touch will get those instant results, kickstarting your e-commerce success from day one.

    Ready for an exhilarating blend of the new-age and the time-tested? Dive in. Let’s redefine e-commerce email marketing success, together.

    Increase in email transactions
    of business revenue
    Increase in revenue from email
    ROI achieved
    of website revenue
    of website revenue
    of business revenue

    “A New Revenue Source For Our Business“


    Which e-commerce platforms does Sendlane integrate with?
    Sendlane offers compatibility with several leading e-commerce platforms to ensure your email marketing campaigns run smoothly. Here’s a quick overview:

    Shopify: By integrating Sendlane with Shopify, you can trigger email campaigns based on customer behaviours, segment your email list, synchronize data automatically, and track the ROI of your campaigns effectively. This integration aids in activities such as automating abandoned cart reminders, syncing purchase history, and more.

    WooCommerce: A popular choice for WordPress users, WooCommerce can also be integrated with Sendlane. This allows businesses to create personalized email campaigns based on customer interactions within their WooCommerce store.

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