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    5 Tips for Creating a Great Digital Marketing Campaign

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    In today’s world, if your business has not established a meaningful online presence, you may as well have no business at all.

    With billions of people across the globe searching and interacting with businesses online, your web presence is a priceless tool. The digital marketing of your business means that you have potential to reach hundreds of customers in seconds.

    This is why a digital marketing campaign of real substance will do your business wonders.

    While there are a plethora of digital strategies you can adopt, here are our top five tips to keep in mind when creating your digital marketing campaign.

    Dominate Your Digital Marketing Campaign

    Let’s start with the basics of what digital marketing actually involves.

    Digital marketing is a process of implementing marketing methods across various digital platforms, such as online, on mobile phones, iPads, and Tablets.

    There are myriad of creative ways you can choose to market your business. Remember to ensure your digital marketing campaign rings true to your brand and company ethos.

    With this in mind, here are five simple ways to truly dominate your digital strategy:

    1. Establish Your Campaign Goals

    This step will help you to establish the foundation of your digital marketing campaign, outlining everything you want to achieve from the campaign.

    When establishing your goals you should outline the drive behind the campaign, benchmarks for success and campaign limitations.

    You’ll also need to establish the message and tone behind what you’re trying to promote through your digital marketing campaign.

    Examples of successful marketing campaigns include:

    • Blogging within your business niche
    • SEO marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Paid media marketing
    • Email marketing campaigns – the list goes on

    You will need to establish which type of campaign will resonate best with your target audience and best serve your business.

    2. Understand Your Audience

    This is, quite possibly, one of the most important steps in establishing a successful digital marketing campaign.

    There is no point in creating a marketing campaign that just doesn’t fit in with your target age group or demographic.

    Collate data from social media interactions to determine the average age of your customers. Make sure to tailor your tone, language, and imagery to resonate with that age group.

    Secondly, which digital platform does your target audience use the most? Tailor your marketing campaign to be utilised across this platform primarily, then focus on secondary platforms.

    For example, if your target audience responds to Facebook more than their email inbox, marketing for Facebook is where the bulk of your attention should be!

    3. Create a Call-To-Action

    What use is a digital marketing campaign without a physical action to be taken by a customer? After all, a marketing campaign is about boosting your business.

    When creating your campaign, it is highly important that it is centered around a call-to-action i.e. ”Book Here Now” etc.

    Ultimately, your marketing campaign will be worth very little if no real action is taken by your target customer. This action is known as a conversion.

    To add to this, your customer must have access to everything they need in order to take action within your campaign.

    Time is money and your customer doesn’t have the patience to visit multiple web pages in order to book a simple facial.

    Make sure everything is accessible ”under one roof” including booking forms and contact information.

    4. Get Creative With Your Content

    In today’s online world there is so much freedom for creativity. It would be a crime to not incorporate creative elements into your content to make it truly stand out.

    Most people with online access are bombarded by a plethora of advertising day in and day out. This is the reason your marketing campaign needs to stand out.

    Make sure to incorporate different forms of media and content which will resonate well with your audience. Whether its a video clip, bold images or Gifs – do something to attract their attention!

    The typical consumer of today tends to have less and less time on their hands. Keep your written content light, tight and catchy!

    Use bold headlines, short phrasing and use a catchy campaign tagline and hashtag to attract attention.

    5. Customer Interaction is Key

    Once your campaign has been launched to the public, there’s no time to sit back and relax. This is where customer interaction is key.

    You may find that your business will receive an influx of queries regarding the campaign. This is your chance to establish a good rapport and customer experience for your audience.

    Additionally, this is a great way to do a little research on your audience. By tracking their frequently asked questions, you will be able to understand their wants and needs just a little bit better.

    When creating your campaign, make sure you incorporate a space where customers can interact with you, and prepare for it.

    Don’t Forget About a Test Run

    This is a bonus tip! But giving your marketing campaign a test run before you actually go ”live” with it is really important.

    In order to give your marketing campaign a true shot at success, make sure it is launched internally within your business to see how it fares.

    This way you can assess the success of its delivery, review the strength of the message and iron out any potential glitches.

    Essentially, each marketing campaign you launch is known as a touch-point of your business. The last thing you need is a glitchy campaign which portrays an unprofessional message!

    Master Your Digital Marketing With Climb Online

    At Climb Online we are a mixed bag of data heads, creative cats and content kings, set on delivering measurable results for business across the globe.

    Our specialties lie in the domain of SEO for businesses, social media management, paid media management, digital branding and more.

    If you’re looking to grow your business in a within the digital sphere, then Climb Online will get you there.

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