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    Serving the main course: Email marketing in November

    Climb Online
    Email Marketing In November

    November marks the midway point of the Golden Quarter, with several key shopping events taking place here, most notably Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    In terms of your email marketing communications, it’s a crucial time to get your shopping campaigns in place, but also begin ramping up the festive spirit of December. Research suggests that on the run up to Christmas, 69% of consumers will receive an email from a retailer every single day – so it’s more important that ever to distinguish your communications and be heard over the noise.

    Below, we provide some email marketing ideas and advice to ensure you make the most of your November campaigns.

    Strike a Balance

    November should be a time for email communications that maximise your immediate sales opportunities that ensure a smooth customer experience from email click-through to final purchase. However, this should also be tempered with campaigns that foster lasting relationships with your customers, build consideration and awareness in advance of the Christmas shopping period, and allow for plenty of remarketing opportunities later on.

    Black Friday Teasers

    It’s important to start building consideration early when it comes to Black Friday, and email marketing is a great way to do this. Sneak peaks, countdowns or early bird specials are all great ways to get people involved with your Black Friday offering before it even starts. Sharing stories of customer testimonials and reviews of previous Black Friday deals is the perfect way to build extra engagement and can be easily integrated into your organic social channels, too.

    Cyber Monday Madness

    With Brits planning to spend an estimated £3 billion in Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales combined, it’s crucial that your email marketing gets in on the action. Ensure you are segmenting and targeting your audience appropriately, specifically your online shoppers, with exclusive deals, while reminding them of the limited time frame they have to make their purchases.

    Rewarding Loyalty

    The run up to the Christmas and holiday season is the perfect time for engaging your audiences and building a sense of loyalty. Offering special subscriber discounts and deals for email subscribers will help you to incentivise sign-ups, reward customer loyalty, and build your subscriber list before the big festive push!

    Preparing for December

    According to the data, a whopping 69.8% of people start their Christmas shopping before the first of December. Your email marketing should offer a seamless and stress-free way for your customers to make their Christmas preparations, whether through interactive wish lists or Christmas bargains that make it easier for customers to purchase gifts or Christmas essentials.

    Curating themed product collections is another great way to ease your customers into the festive shopping experience, and gives you plenty of room to get creative with themes like “Gifts under £20” or “Gifts for him/her”.

    Get Creative with Subject Lines

    With two major shopping events in November, plus the majority of shoppers already on the hunt for Christmas bargains, your email subject lines should reflect audience expectations. Incorporating phrases such as Black Friday/Cyber Monday flash sales, deals, discounts and the like are crucial to driving both open rates and conversion rates.

    If you’d like to discuss how Climb Online can help take your email marketing campaigns to the next level, get it touch.