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How Important is Brand Consistency Across Social Media Platforms?

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Did you know that what people see determines how they feel about a product?

It is important to think about your brand and determine what story you want to tell. If customers see that across social media platforms that your story is consistent, they will be more likely to trust you.

In this article we are going to go over some key factors when thinking about how to build brand consistency. We will discuss different tools that you can utilize when delivering content to your customers such as videos, blogs, and more!

Let’s look at why brand consistency is so important to your business.

Brand Consistency: Why It’s So Important

How do you create a compelling brand? By having a connected set of business identity qualities. These things will detail what your core brand values are as well as highlight unique selling points.

Digital marketing is booming right now, and it is important to use consistent brand messages.

Some companies run into the problem of how to be effective at telling their brand’s story in a social media and visual savvy manner.

Let’s examine the benefits of consistent branding across social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Brand Consistency Benefits

Communicating your business philosophy effectively and the message of your brand isn’t easy. A way to build a loyal customer following is by making sure your words are consistent. Send the right message, and your customers will respond.

What are some benefits to having a consistent communication plan? Customers will know precisely what you are selling and what your values are.

Being consistent will instill a sense of trust in your customers. You aren’t all over the place.

Social Media Marketing Tactics for Achieving Brand Consistency

Are you present on social media? Did you know that this will dictate how your brand performs? A vast majority of consumers utilize online media to find out about a brand before they even try it out.

If you manage to build an impressive online presence, you can continue to entice new customers and create conversations.

The Graphical and Design Elements

What does your brand look like? Do you have a layout, logo, colors and other design elements decided? We know that people process visual information faster than textual information.

Determining what your visual identity is going to be is an essential factor. Twitter and Facebook have a ton of customization possibilities.

You want your company to have a visually attention-grabbing page that will tell your brand’s story and echo its personality.

Make Sure Content Is Consistent

If you have conflicting messages, your customers will feel confused and less likely to buy from you. You want them to trust your brand and be loyal to it.

Therefore, it is so important to make sure your content is consistent across your social media channels!

Do not share the same content repeatedly on both Facebook and Twitter. Both users expect a different type of content frequency. Vary the pace.

Also, don’t continuously advertise to your fans. Be creative and use the power of social media! Make videos that will grab people’s attention and have them sharing the link to their own network.

Share Content with Brand-Related Themes

When you have a social media account that is only promoting one’s own products, it can quickly get boring for your followers.

Try to post funny, informational, and entertaining content that gets your customers engaged and talking.

However, make sure that the content you do choose is something that lines up overall with your business’s identity and theme. You don’t want to go out on left field and confuse your customers.

An example is if are in the business of selling books, share a link to a video interview with a famous author!

Be Consistent When Sending Social Signals

There are plenty of online platforms in which users can find information about your brand. Make sure you are consistent. Strengthen your brand message by connecting your presence across the various social media platforms.

High reviews on Facebook is a great way to build up your reputation. You can link into other reviewing areas as well.

For example, if you are a hotel, you can have a TripAdvisor tab on your Facebook page. This will allow Facebook folks to see positive reviews without leaving the page!

Social Causes: Do You Have One?

Does your brand support a social justice movement, political belief, religion, or cause? Do you plan to include this in your branding and your overall story or will you focus entirely on your customers?

This is something to think about carefully.

What’s your stance on social causes?

When deciding about social causes, think about these points:

  • Do the morals line up with your target audience?
  • If your customer service is at a 5-star rating, customers won’t feel like you’re ignoring them when you serve a social justice cause.

You want to be able to live with the results of your business over a lifetime.

Causes do change over time as well as people’s feelings for them.

Once you align your brand with a cause, you’re going to connected with it forever. Think long and hard before doing this. Is this part of your defining mission? Is there longevity in the cause you are choosing?

Share Your Message with Your Team

Okay, so you’ve made your decision about your brand, the vision, and what story you will tell. Now it is time to discuss it with your team, so they understand what your brand is all about.

This will help you plan a consistent schedule and adhere to it.

If you are hiring freelancers or a dedicated social media staff, make sure your team sticks to the guidelines you outline.

When they do, your brand voice will be consistent, and your audience will be well on their way to understanding who you are overall.

You’re going to stand out!

Do You Want to Learn More?

Now that you know brand consistency is crucial to the success of your company, let’s quickly go over why.

When customers understand your brand and the story you are telling, they will begin to trust you and know what you are selling. Keep them interested by being consistent with content on your blog and Facebook page.

Teach your team about your brand. Decide if you’re going to back a social cause or not.

First, determine what your vision is and then be consistent across social media platforms!

Do you want to learn more? Check out this article we wrote about how a social media marketing specialist can help your business!

Get in touch today to find out about our social media services and how we can help your business.

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