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The War of Christmas Ads

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With war, recession and inflation, consumers have faced a tough year of uncertainty. While this complicated environment has placed pressure on people this year, consumers are still determined to celebrate Christmas within their means and make this a special time of the year.

So, how has the current landscape affected the much-anticipated Christmas ads this year? Well, hope, charity and love are certainly big themes, and our team have chosen some of the most effective examples.

Without further ado, here is our War of Christmas Ad podium for 2022:

John Lewis – The Beginner

John Lewis – The Beginner by By Adam & Eve/DDB

This must be our winner for 2022. The king of all tear-jerkers, this warm, sweet ad placed purpose at its forefront and stole our hearts. Made in collaboration with Action for Children and Who Cares Scotland, the ad intends to spark important conversations about children in care. The idea of focusing on a cause and not products quickly made this ad a fan favourite. Truly heart-warming.

The National Lottery – A Christmas Love Story

The National Lottery – A Christmas Love Story by Adam & Eve/DDB

Do we love a Christmas rom-com? Of course, we do! The National Lottery gifted us with this long-form gem directed by Tom Hooper, centred on a magical young love that starts with a chance encounter on a train and intricately links to a winning lottery ticket. We absolutely love the focus switch from prizes to people to create a charming and sweet Christmas ad.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot

Aldi- Kevin the Carrot by McCann UK

Kevin the Carrot returns for the sixth year running with a rendition of Home Alone that is sure to stir up Millennial nostalgia. Aldi partnered with food donation charity, Neighbourly, for the ad, including a sense of meaning and purpose in the commercial whilst also keeping the tone light.

A sense of levity and fun comes from an apparent controversy for the inappropriate placement of Kevin on a snowman, while Aldi has once again created merchandise around the ad. More than 70,000 shoppers queued online and hundreds lined up outside UK stores to get their hands on toys, tree ornaments and other themed products.

Aldi continues to masterfully innovate its format, building off a sense of familiarity to create new conversations, while cleverly integrating the ad into the purchase journey. Kevin the Carrot is officially a Christmas tradition!

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