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    Top 5 E-Commerce
    Email Marketing Flows

    Climb Online

    Email marketing flows are what can make businesses money for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This is true, when the flows are set-up in the right way.

    So how do you make sure they’re set up correctly? Identify the purpose of why you are setting up each individual flow and ensure that they all work cohesively together, keeping in mind waiting times and your campaign schedule.

    We’ve identified the top 5 email marketing flows for e-commerce which are great revenue generators, which also increase the customer lifetime value and repeat customers with some top tips for each.

    Abandoned Checkout Flow

    This flow recovers abandoned checkout sessions on your website, this can help to recover 10%-20% of abandoned carts for your business.

    GOAL 1. Recover as many abandoned carts as possible

    Top Tips

    1. ‘Return to cart’ rather than ‘complete your order now’ to relieve the pressure from the user initially
    2. Segment between new and existing customers (simple wording changes)
    3. A discount ladder can work – start with no discount and then work your way up as you go

    Replenishment Reminder Flow

    A friendly reminder when a customer is nearing the end of their product lifecycle, for example, in haircare that may be around 25 days, so a little before this we want to be the first to remind them where they can go to get more.

    GOAL 1. Bring them back to the website and turn them into ‘Repeat Customers’

    Top Tips

    1. Pull out all of the stops to bring them back, otherwise they’re as good as gone forever
    2. Save the biggest discounts for this flow
      1. A/B test offers (you may find 15% off works just as well as 20%)

    The Full 5 Flows can be downloaded below:

    [hubspot type=form portal=26019868 id=deb0e19a-10cb-46b3-8a0c-77e85daf43f1]

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