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    Technical SEO Agency

    Your website needs to be technically sound if it’s going to perform well in organic search.

    Google wants to rank sites that are functional, simple to navigate, and easy to use, and if anything is preventing its bots from assessing or indexing your pages, you’re unlikely to see meaningful results from your SEO work.
    If you’re looking to increase your online visibility, attract more search traffic, and generally provide a better experience to your customers, it’s time to invest in our technical SEO service.

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    What is Technical SEO?

    Technical SEO describes the process of improving the technical aspects of a website to ensure it provides an optimal experience to everyone who uses it – including Google’s crawlers, which will ultimately decide how and where your web pages are ranked in the SERPs.

    Technical SEO takes many forms. From speeding up page load times and applying schema markup to optimising page structures and removing bloated code, there’s plenty that can be done to get your platform performing at its best.

    Why You Need To Improve Your Technical SEO

    Perhaps you built your website several years ago, and it’s become slow, clunky, and difficult to use as it’s evolved over time. Maybe you’re building a site from scratch and want to make sure it’s in good SEO health from day one. Either way, if you want to score top points when it comes to user experience and stand a good chance of competing in organic search, you need our tech SEO service.

    Climb Online’s Technical SEO Services

    Here’s how our technical SEO service works:

    Technical SEO Audit

    As one of the UK’s leading technical SEO agencies, our job is to use a series of tools and techniques to identify any outstanding technical issues and suggest opportunities for improvement. At the start of your project, we will carry out a comprehensive tech SEO audit that will use more than 200 checks to determine how technically sound your website is – and what we need to do to enhance it. This audit will also include notes on accessibility.

    Local SEO
    Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Tailored Recommendations

    We will blend our knowledge of best SEO best practices with extensive development expertise to come up with a list of onsite recommendations that will help your website reach its full ranking potential. All our findings will be presented clearly in an easy-to-read report format, with additional information available for your developers if required.


    We will prioritise any development work according to the impact it is likely to have on your website’s rank-ability, ensuring you see the most benefits in the fastest possible timeframe. We can work with your own developers to implement our suggestions or take on the project in-house for an additional fee.

    Technical SEO

    The Benefits of Working with Climb Online

    To make sure you get the most from your tech SEO service, you need to partner with a technical SEO agency that knows its stuff.

    Hundreds of businesses, from smaller brands to household names, have trusted Climb Online with their technical SEO strategy. We have a proven track record of success in this area, with plenty of satisfied clients who have seen great gains from investing in this important element of SEO. Our clients appreciate our honesty, our transparency, and our commitment to delivering customised technical SEO strategies that are tailored to their individual needs and goals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some common technical SEO issues?

    There are lots of technical SEO problems that could be slowing down your progress – often quite literally. For example, poor page load speeds have a huge bearing on a site’s SEO metrics. Missing sitemaps, duplicate content, broken links and missing meta titles and descriptions will all have a negative effect, as will inaccurate SSL credentials or robots.txt files that have been applied incorrectly.

    What SEO tools do you use to audit websites?

    We use industry leading technical SEO software to carry out website audits, along with our own in-house proprietary suite of tools that makes this process faster and much more insightful for our clients.

    What is a technical SEO audit?

    A technical SEO audit is the first step in the tech SEO process. It’s how we determine precisely how well your website is performing, and which areas will need to be improved to enhance its overall SEO health.

    What are the key benefits of technical SEO work?

    Aside from enhancing your site’s SEO value and improving its indexability, technical SEO work can also result in tangible benefits for your website’s users. Though technical SEO needs to be applied (and reapplied) to a site over time, seemingly small changes in the short term can often lead to big results, leading to more positive opinion of your site overall and increasing the likelihood of return visits and repeat business.

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