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Content Marketing for SEO

Develop a hard-hitting content marketing strategy with support from the experts here at Climb Online.

Our team has unrivalled experience in delivering effective content strategy services to help our clients attract and convert their target audiences. We’re specialists in creating pages and assets that will support your sales funnels, engage your readers in your story, and form the foundations of a winning SEO campaign.

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Why Choose Climb Online as Your Content Marketing Agency?

As a team, we have an excellent track record in improving the content marketing strategies of businesses of all sizes, in all kinds of sectors. From well-known beauty retailers to global tech giants, we’ve developed valuable content for all kinds of companies that understand the value creative storytelling can bring to their brand.

As always, however, our approach is backed by real data. And we never shout into the wind with our content; we’re always testing, monitoring and tweaking our output to ensure our clients achieve incredible results from our content marketing services, whatever their goals may be.

Our Content Marketing Services

Here’s how we bring our ideas together at our content marketing agency. 

Content Strategy Development

What do you want to achieve from your content marketing strategy? Do you want greater exposure for your brand, more traffic to your website, a tangible increase in sales, sign-ups or enquiries – or something else entirely? We’ll discuss your objectives before working backwards to develop a content strategy that attracts customers at every stage of the buying cycle and keeps them engaged long after they’ve made a purchase.

Technical SEO
Paid Social Icon Audience Targeting

Audience Research

It’s in the research and analysis phase that we uncover hidden truths about what your audience is expecting from your business – and we use these insights to create content that talks to them more directly, more persuasively, and more confidently, in line with your wider marketing goals.

Competitive Analysis

What are your competitors doing? How are they positioning their products or services, and what types of content are generating the best reach or engagement for them on social media? We’ll use industry-leading tools and techniques to analyse competitor content and identify opportunities to close the gap and exceed you rivals.

Conversion Rate Optimisation
Local SEO

Keyword Research

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand – so if we’re going to use your content to boost your search engine presence, we need to make sure we’re encouraging your pages, posts, images, videos, and other assets to rank for keywords that are relevant to your business and regularly used by your prospective customers.

Editorial Planning

We will produce a roadmap for all the deliverables we’re planning to produce as part of your content marketing campaign. This stage often involves developing full content calendars with insights from your internal team, so we can make sure we never miss an opportunity for great exposure in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Link Building & Digital PR
On Page SEO & Content

Content Creation

Copy, imagery, illustrations, videos – Climb Online can deliver it all within our content marketing services. Our in-house content creators will bring together fun, engaging, and carefully considered content that always hits the mark. If you need specific expertise, we can call upon our larger network of contacts to collaborate on your content marketing campaign.

Performance Measurement

There are plenty of tangible ways we can monitor the performance of your content – always with a view to improving its reach. We’ll look at metrics such as engagement, conversions, and the number of leads that can be directly or indirectly attributed to each piece of content. We’ll also keep a close eye on your organic traffic, particularly clicks that come from non-branded keywords, as these indicate interest from an audience that was previously unaware of what you can offer. Finally, we’ll analyse your rankings for the search terms we are targeting with each piece. 


Content Marketing and SEO

Effective SEO is only possible with a robust content marketing strategy – and there are clear and well-documented search benefits to investing in our content strategy services.

When created with your audience’s distinct needs in mind and optimised according to best practices, the content you produce will play a vital role in boosting the credibility and indexability of your website, which can only serve to improve the authority of your domain. All these things combined will push your website further up the SERPs, resulting in higher volumes of organic traffic and more of those all-important conversions. Content marketing and SEO: it’s a win/win!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is content marketing the same as PR?

Content marketing has its roots in PR. It’s all about using the content you produce to educate, engage, and entertain your readers or viewers, with a view to turning them into loyal followers of your brand (and paying customers). The biggest difference, however, is that PR is used to communicate with audiences that already exist, whereas content marketing, by its very nature, is designed to create an audience all of its own – perhaps even an audience that your competitors have failed to tap into. This is what we find particularly exciting about content strategy: it enables our clients to reach new and valuable networks of people who are searching for exactly what their brand can offer.

How do you measure the success of content marketing?

Our goal is to get as many eyes on your content as possible – and convert passive readers into active customers. We’ll use metrics such as organic clicks, page engagement (including bounce rate), and conversions to determine how successful each content campaign has been.

How effective is content marketing for SEO?

Good SEO relies on creating quality content that Google and the other major search engines will find valuable, and the value of that content is often directly linked to its organic search performance. So, by focusing on content creation, you’re not only delivering the insights and solutions that your customers want to see – you’re also creating strong assets that can be used as part of your wider SEO campaign.  

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