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As a well-established digital PR agency with excellent connections across all kinds of industry sectors, Climb Online has many years’ experience in helping businesses improve their online presence in the UK and Europe.

Learn more about the digital PR best practices we follow to achieve incredible results in competitive markets and find out how a digital PR campaign could support your SEO efforts by complementing your on page and off page optimisation work to drive even more traffic and leads.

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What is Digital PR?

If you’ve ever worked in traditional public relations (PR), you’ll know just how difficult it is to get the right exposure for a business at the right time. With more and more companies vying for attention, cutting through the noise can often seem like a tricky task – particularly in today’s fast-moving digital world.

Enter digital PR. This strategic approach to raising awareness of a brand and its people is at the heart of the online marketing ecosystem; it’s a means of using today’s technology to communicate with peers and prospects in new and often innovative ways. From placing well-timed editorials and interviews on popular websites to growing a following through elevated engagement across social media, there are many facets to an effective digital PR campaign – and plenty of SEO benefits, too.

Why Choose Climb Online for Digital PR Services?

Digital PR is a huge undertaking for any business. Establishing and nurturing a PR campaign across so many digital touchpoints is a full-time job in itself – but it’s a role we love to take on for clients who are eager for more exposure and committed to investing in their brand’s success.

By combining international reach with the backing of an expert team that truly cares about your results, we have built an enviable reputation as one of the most successful digital PR agencies in the UK and Europe. We have far-ranging expertise in creating and executing successful digital PR campaigns, and we use the latest tools and techniques to help companies achieve their business goals in faster and more creative ways than ever before.

Our Digital PR Services

So, we’ve convinced you to invest in digital PR. But where do you begin?

Digital PR Strategy Development

What do you want to achieve from your content marketing strategy? Do you want greater exposure for your brand, more traffic to your website, a tangible increase in sales, sign-ups or enquiries – or something else entirely? We’ll discuss your objectives before working backwards to develop a content strategy that attracts customers at every stage of the buying cycle and keeps them engaged long after they’ve made a purchase.

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Paid Social Icon Audience Targeting

Reactive and Proactive Digital PR

It’s in the research and analysis phase that we uncover hidden truths about what your audience is expecting from your business – and we use these insights to create content that talks to them more directly, more persuasively, and more confidently, in line with your wider marketing goals.

Content Creation & Promotion

What are your competitors doing? How are they positioning their products or services, and what types of content are generating the best reach or engagement for them on social media? We’ll use industry-leading tools and techniques to analyse competitor content and identify opportunities to close the gap and exceed you rivals.

Paid Social Icon Strategy Development
Conversion Rate Optimisation

Reach Measurement & Reporting

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand – so if we’re going to use your content to boost your search engine presence, we need to make sure we’re encouraging your pages, posts, images, videos, and other assets to rank for keywords that are relevant to your business and regularly used by your prospective customers.

PR-SEO Integration

We will produce a roadmap for all the deliverables we’re planning to produce as part of your content marketing campaign. This stage often involves developing full content calendars with insights from your internal team, so we can make sure we never miss an opportunity for great exposure in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Link Building & Digital PR

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PR vs Digital PR?

Before the web, PR specialists focused on generating a buzz from more traditional media, including TV, radio, and printed publications. While these channels still have a place in the marketing mix, brands are increasingly turning to digital outlets such as websites, blogs, social media platforms and video sharing portals to get their name out to the masses – and digital PR has emerged from this (relatively) new demand for digital content.

How do you measure and report on a digital PR campaign?

We’ll start by defining the KPIs of your campaign. Sometimes we’ll use digital PR to increase awareness of your brand; in other cases, we’ll work on driving more traffic to your website, or improving the overall authority of your domain. The reports you receive will be tailored to these objectives – but you can typically expect them to contain more information on total coverage, linked coverage, coverage authority, brand mentions, brand keyword searches, anchor text placements, and organic search visibility.

How does digital PR fit into a digital marketing campaign?

Digital PR can be used to establish meaningful connections from your digital marketing efforts. At its core, digital PR is a form of link building; creating insightful or newsworthy content is one of the best means of getting your audience to like and share your brand name on the web and create natural links and citations in the process. But digital PR goes one step further than link building. It sparks an emotional response to your brand, and everything your business can offer. Emotion drives engagement, and engagement drives digital metrics – so online PR really does underpin any successful marketing plan.

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