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    Boxsmart Clo

    Online athleisure brand Boxsmart Clo is where minimalistic design meets comfort. Discover how Climb Online created a paid social strategy that positioned Boxsmart Clo in a highly competitive market, driving more website traffic and sales, while supporting their overall business growth.

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    The Brand

    Selling exclusively online, UK athleisure brand Boxsmart Clo is on a mission to create minimalistic designs that focus on the quality of each and every garment whilst remaining at a fair price. The brand has grown from a single-person outfit operating out of a spare bedroom into a company that has sold thousands of garments across the country.

    The Challenge

    When Boxsmart first came to Climb Online, they were struggling to scale and grow as a brand. With the eCommerce industry already fiercely competitive, they found themselves up against stiff competition from well-established competitors with much larger marketing budgets who had already carved out a presence.

    Additionally, constantly evolving algorithms on social media platforms meant Boxsmart were failing to maintain consistent reach and engagement with their target audience. Our expert Paid Social team were enlisted to help combat these challenges, and drive both a stronger ROAS on Meta and more revenue.

    Our Strategy

    Our commercial-first strategy involved implementing two highly focused campaigns: one prospecting campaign, and the other, a retargeting campaign.

    The prospecting campaign was aimed to introduce new users to the brand, with 90% of the budget being allocated to this campaign as it offered a broader audience. With a clear target focus of men aged 19 – 45 years with an interest in sports, gym clothes and sportwear retailers, we began the conversion event with this audience through “view content”, driving as much qualified traffic to the Boxsmart site as possible. Over time we included more aggressive conversion events including add to cart and purchases, adjusting course based on lower funnel metrics increasing, and conducted extensive experimentation with static, carousel and dynamic carousel ads to gain insight into what resonated best with our target audience.

    For our retargeting campaign, we created a conversion campaign for the retargeted audience, allocating 10% of the overall budget to this smaller audience. Differing from the prospecting campaign, we always optimised towards “purchase”, targeting users who had added to cart in the last 60 days, visited the website in the last 180 days, or engaged with Boxsmart’s Instagram or Facebook in the last 180 days. This campaign audience was expanded to include men and women aged 18 and over, encompassing any user expressing interest in the brand, including those purchasing for others as gifts. Here, the creatives utilised were a dynamic carousel and repurposed creatives used in the prospecting campaign.

    While our campaigns were live, we recorded a significant improvement on both ROAS and website purchases.

    During this time, Meta launched Advantage Plus Shopping Campaign [ASC] in Q4 2022, and seeing an opportunity to increase performance even further, we made the switch. ASC utilised a new algorithm to drive the most efficient performance for advertisers, and this enabled us to reach users with higher intent in our targeting strategy, resulting in a higher percentage of targeted users converting.

    The Results

    With our two-pronged Paid Social strategy consisting of both a highly focused prospecting and retargeting campaign, our team was able to achieve fantastic results for Boxsmart, despite the highly competitive market they operate within. We attained significant increases to ROAS, website purchases, as well as a huge boost to the overall conversion rate.

    Using the data from the Climb Online Dashboard, our results compare the performance of Paid Social advertising for Boxsmart Clo over the six-month period they worked with us, comparing month one against month six. In this timeframe, we were able to achieve:


    add to cart conversion rate


    website purchases


    cost per purchase






    conversion rate

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