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Discover how we collaborated with luxury leather goods brand, pampeano, to revitalise their email marketing efforts. Witness the synergy between our expertise and their brand ethos, driving significant revenue growth and enhancing customer engagement through meticulously crafted campaigns.


Delighted by the significant improvement in ROI across our email flows in particular. The Climb team have simplified and re-worked all flows with a consequential better-than-expected jump in performance. Having a team that can deliver weekly newsletters to our customers is also a game changer for our small internal marketing team who struggled to carve out the time on a weekly basis as well as ensuring they had constantly up-to-date Klaviyo expertise. The team have been especially courteous and pleasant to deal with.

Jenny, Founder, Pampeano

The Brand

Originating from South America’s Pampas region, pampeano offers the epitome of luxury through its handcrafted leather goods. Best known for their signature polo belts, each is meticulously stitched with vibrant, wax-dipped threads, representing a marriage of tradition and craftsmanship. Their collection extends to bags, wallets, and home accessories. What distinguishes pampeano is its authentic reflection of South American heritage. Every design tells a tale of the region’s rich culture, fashioned by artisans using age-old techniques. Committed to sustainability, pampeano opts for vegetable-tanned leather, ensuring eco-friendliness and a product that ages elegantly, revealing its distinct history over time.

The Challenge

Pampeano desired our expertise to revitalise and helm their email marketing endeavours. Recognising the importance of a harmonised approach, they stressed the necessity of an immediate takeover, but with a strong emphasis on collaboration. It was essential for them that we work in tandem with their internal team, ensuring that our external insights seamlessly meshed with their intrinsic brand knowledge. This synergy would not only fortify their marketing efforts but also ensure the genuine essence of pampeano remained at the forefront.

Our Strategy

In our collaboration with pampeano, a meticulous alignment with their internal team and marketing calendar was paramount. Our first task was the comprehensive restructuring of their email campaigns. By setting up meticulously scheduled campaign emails, we entirely transformed their existing flows, introducing innovative ones in the process. This wasn’t a static endeavour; we embarked on an iterative journey of continuous testing. By analysing recipient engagement, we determined the optimal sending days and times. This holistic approach was instrumental in maximising the impact of each email, with the ultimate goal always being the achievement of unparalleled results for pampeano. 

The Results

In the initial 30 days of our collaboration with pampeano, the tangible outcomes spoke volumes. We witnessed an immediate surge in results, a testament to the synergy of our combined efforts. There was an impressive 94.82% boost in email marketing revenue, which accounted for 46.35% of pampeano’s overall revenue during this period. Further amplifying the success of our strategies was the 57.80% surge in the rate of orders placed directly from our email campaigns. This strategy-driven approach culminated in a remarkable revenue generation, with a sum of £32,669.82 being amassed, underscoring both the immediate impact and the immense satisfaction of our client.


Increase in email marketing revenue


Of overall revenue generated


Increase in placed order rate from email


Generated in revenue

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