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    Funding Options

    Discover how Climb Online worked with business finance platform, Funding Options, to drive a new opportunity for lead generation.

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    Funding Options by tide

    The Brand

    Born in 2011, Funding Options was created with the goal of transforming the business finance market. They help business owners make informed financial choices and access instant funding options, so they can trade, plan and grow with confidence. Since its inception, they’ve helped more than 11,000 businesses get the finance they need, quickly and easily.

    The Brief

    Since the start of the business, Funding Options have had an active presence across multiple marketing channels to drive their lead generation, utilising Google Ads, SEO, LinkedIn and many more to their advantage.

    The Climb Online team reached out to Funding Options to showcase an opportunity for diversifying some of their marketing budget into establishing a brand-new lead generation channel that they were yet to tap into, Microsoft Bing Ads. Given their target market, the Bing search engine was a natural choice for attracting the right audience whilst competing against much lower competition.

    During our initial onboarding session, Funding Options explained their goals and KPIs with Bing Ads to determine its success as a new marketing channel for driving leads. They outlined their objectives as follows: to increase the number of monthly leads, to increase the percentage of High Quality leads to 40% of total lead volume, and to drive reduced CPLs.

    With this in mind, we created a strategy that would replicate similar campaigns from their Google Ads account, targeting the same keyword set which was already working effectively on Google. This gave us a basis for comparing the two search engines in terms of results.

    The Results

    We were not only able to achieve Funding Options’ initial objectives for the campaign, but also exceed them, with key results as follows:


    High Quality Leads vs. Total Leads


    over achievement on target for high quality leads


    CPC reduction, Bing vs. Google for the same campaigns


    Lower CPL compared to target

    Client Feedback

    What was the best aspect of your relationship with Climb Online?
    Microsoft advertising was a completely new platform for us, it was great to work with Climb Online’s experienced team for our first test of the platform – they were very responsive and supportive throughout, always on hand to help with any set up or more general queries.

    Courteney Way

    Marketing Director at Funding Options

    How did you find the reporting and suggestion of campaigns improvements?
    Climb online gave suggestions for areas of improvements in our meetings while also working with myself to better understand what would meet business requirements.

    Courteney Way

    Marketing Director at Funding Options

    Did you feel that Climb Online were focused on your business goals and looking to improve the campaigns?
    They were dedicated to helping reduce our campaign costs to bring these in line with our targets – and we saw good early on results in October / November but naturally experienced some seasonality in December.

    Courteney Way

    Marketing Director at Funding Options

    How supported did you feel during
    the set up and ongoing management of the account?

    We were fully supported through the setup and most of the management of the account went on behind the scenes without the need for multiple catch ups. We checked in only when needed which meant I could continue with my day-to-day role.

    Courteney Way

    Marketing Director at Funding Options

    How did you find the onboarding process with Climb Online?
    The onboarding process was simple and quick. Climb Online took charge and did most of the legwork for us. They cleverly used previous high performing google adverts and replicated these on Microsoft ads as a starting point to test.

    Courteney Way

    Marketing Director at Funding Options

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